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We've been around for donkeys’ years, read on for the full story...


About Greenroom

Greenroom’s aim is to provide you with casting services for local and international film production in the most efficient way ever seen before. As the saying goes, give your job to a busy person!!

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About Briar

After ending a successful career on stage dancing professionally and managing a modelling and talent agency for 6 years, natural progression was to direct talent into their desired roles as actors. Helping actors fulfil their dream and getting the most capable talent required for your commercials has always been my aim. ‘Pants on fire’ is a name that’s stuck (thanks Simon & Stich!) but I pride myself on being efficient and always meeting deadlines! Working from my own studio gives me the ability to work fast and efficiently while  also running a family of 3 gorgeous kids - plus the surfing husband!.

What people are saying...

"Briar has always met my vague, illiterate and confusing casting briefs with a cheery smile. She's then gone on to supply options that answer the exact opposite to whatever I was trying to convey.
The result being absolutely perfect. With casting this good you hardly need a director on set the actors do all the work.
Us directors can kick back and have a cup of tea or something whilst all the tedious filming's going on. Use her, they don't make em like this any more."

Luke Nola


"Briar and Green Room casting have done many, many, many castings for me over the last decade or so and has always delivered great people, on time.
Especially women and children. I can honestly say Briar is one of the top  casting agents in the Northcote Point area. You can quote me on that."

Simon Mark-Brown
Automatic Films
Republic Films