How to prepare for a casting

Over all the years of being a casting director, I’m constantly surprised at the amount of people who turn up with little or no preparation.


Get organised...

Firstly, get a complete brief of the character from your agent.

Dressing like the character increases your chances.

Find props (within reason) that will make it easier for you. They may not get used but it’s always impressive that you’ve made the effort.



If there is dialogue, obviously make sure you know the lines well.

When in doubt, ask your agent more questions.

Try not to be in a rush, give yourself plenty of time when your arrive for your audition so you are calm and relaxed.

At the casting...

Speak positively about yourself when asked for an I.D.

A casting director usually gives you plenty of direction for the role your auditioning for – listen carefully and give it your best shot!

A short audition can often mean that it went positively well!!